Aus sozialem Engagement und dem Willen etwas für die Entwicklungshilfe und Bildungsmöglichkeiten in Ethiopien zu tun, haben wir an dem Wettbewerb „Ethiopian Preeschools“ teilgenommen der durch Archstorming ausgelobt wurde. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser Beitrag es auf die Shortlist „Finalisten“ geschafft hat. 

The proposed concept for the „satellite schools“ is based on a modular system. The basic module is made up of functional room units that are designed based on Ethiopian huts. This basic module or “hut” can be combined and interconnected in different ways. This results in different room sizes and differentiated “intermediate and threshold areas”. These areas can accommodate different uses and encourage the students to interpret them independently. Stringing and combining the modules results in a flexible and efficient structure. This can be adapted to any location and grow steadily. Individual room units can be reused any time by simple modifications and thus react quickly to changing requirements.

The school is based on principles of a small city or village. It has a center in which the kitchen and directors office work like a Church or Townhall as center of the City. The „tower hut“ works as an Icon like the tower of the church. Nearby there is the centre of the city (Covered Courtyard, Multifunctional Area, Dining Room) were students can meet. The large common areas serve as a place for meetings, votes, socializing and events. The building is intended to bring the students closer to a democratic social life.